Circular ensuite bathroom design

Our clients were building a new home and asked us to design their ensuite bathroom. It was certainly an exciting project – the room was in a 4-metre diameter ‘turret’, with a semi-circular wall just over a metre high, and the ceiling rising to a point 4 metres high.

The only area that offered sufficient headroom for a shower was just inside the door – so that dictated the position of the shower. The location of the WC was dictated by the soil pipe. Our clients had specified a freestanding bath and a basin area with plenty of storage.

We decided to emulate the circular room by creating a 1200mm circular open shower. We specified Crazed Limestone Mosaics for the floor and ceramic tiles in a complimentary but lighter colour for the circular wall. We chose Natural Travertine for the floor to align nicely with the Crazed Limestone Mosaic shower floor.

We controlled the potential intrusiveness of the shower construction by arranging it in 3 heights. The structure was a timber frame with a slotted tile backer board that allowed us to achieve a perfect circular shape.

We cut each tile into three ‘slips’ which we taped together in sets so that when they were fitted, the pattern of marbling was continuous.

We positioned the freestanding bath at 12 o’clock, and we specified a small, unobtrusive, but nevertheless beneficial, deck that we made to fit the contours of both the wall and the curved shape of the bath.

The basin fitted in nicely at 1.30 and was designed to comply with the brief by being heated and by having an inset, illuminated shaving/make-up magnifying insert. The mirror was made to the angle agreed with our clients, and it was shaped and fitted to a Tristone backing that we formed to fit the conical ceiling.

The basin itself is semi-inset and sits on a large cabinet. The basin’s oval shape maintained the curved theme by echoing the shape of the bath.

We installed a wall hung WC at 3 o’clock, with the cistern housing shaped to the contour of the wall.

For extra storage, we created an inset cabinet using a void in the shower boxing.

Additional to the LED backlit mirror, we added secondary lighting using inset LED lights on the bath deck, and we also included them at the base of the shower tiling. We also fitted continuous LED strip lighting to the overhangs on the Tristone tops.

The design worked really well, and our clients were delighted with their unique ‘turret’ ensuite bathroom.