Ensuite shower room

Our clients’ home is an ancient stone-built cottage. They were looking to convert a dressing room into an ensuite shower room without totally losing the storage they had.

Our design logic was to use the left-hand side for storage and the right-hand side for height, where standing room was vital. On the left, we designed the awkward space caused by the roof slope with a combination of wardrobes and different depth drawers.

We wanted the shower area to be something special, so we planned it as an open shower – or wetroom – and we recommended a pebbled or mosaic tiled floor as either would eliminate the diagonal ‘cuts’ that would be necessary with conventional tiles.

Our clients opted for pebbles, and we paired this with a black granite-topped shelf/seat on the left side and the back wall. We specified a digital shower with both a fixed drencher head and an adjustable handset.

As for shower glassware, our clients wanted a fixed screen but, when we explained that even in a largish room shower glass can be quite intrusive, they agreed to a hinged screen – something they later said they were glad to have been persuaded into having.

The basin area turned out not to have quite enough room to fit a wall mirror at a comfortable height for anyone over 6 feet tall. To overcome this, we mounted it on angled bearers, so our 6’2” client was okay with it.

All in all, the daunting prospect of making the room work turned out not to be the problem we thought. When completed, our clients were more than happy with the result.