Family bathroom in a barn conversion

Our clients lived in a barn conversion – a lovely house to live in but a difficult one to fit a bathroom in as there was no useable floor void for pipework. The only space for the bath meant that the waste pipe was over four metres long and thus needed a healthy fall if it was to work properly.

We used the adversity of the situation to make a bold design feature by echoing the ‘egg shape’ of the bath with an ‘egg-shaped’ dais. The bath waste was routed through the plinth void of the cabinets.

The dais top, the basin top and backsplash were made in 20mm Pierena Limestone, which was chosen as a lighter partner to the Natural Travertine floor and plinth.

As a ‘punch of drama,’ we suggested a bold high gloss wood finish for the cabinets.

The result you can see is a practical solution that, while having a timeless simplicity to it, could easily be updated in future by changing the cabinet doors.