Luxury bathroom in a new build home

Our clients were having a new house built and wanted something different for their main bathroom. We were involved from an early stage in the construction of the house, so we were able to work with the builders to make sure that all the services would be positioned to facilitate our design.

The idea of a wetroom didn’t immediately appeal to our clients, but when they saw that our design wasn’t just a regular shower that wasn’t in an enclosure, they began to get interested. The plan proposed was based on a central ‘island basin’ that was fitted at an angle to create a triangular area behind it that was an open, tiled floor shower.

The angled theme was then used to set the angle of the freestanding ‘egg bath’, and the wall hung WC, the bath having a Corian® ‘deck’ that added eye appeal with inset lights but that also added what is generally missing when a freestanding bath is planned – i.e. somewhere to put things!

We designed the basin area with a double-sided mirror, fixed between chrome support posts – this provided the mirror necessary for the basin, a space enhancing mirror in the shower and also the separation of the shower area that our clients were looking for.

Our clients were delighted with the finished bathroom.