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Ten Design Tips for An Easy Clean Bathroom

No-one likes cleaning the bathroom – whether it’s dealing with mouldy grout, polishing grimy shower screens or scrubbing behind the loo. Fortunately, today’s designer bathroom features make cleaning a whole lot simpler. Here are our top ten design tips for an easy-clean bathroom.

1. Use Large Format Tiles

No-one likes keeping bathroom grout clean. Small tiles, like Metro tiles, maybe all the rage but compared with large format tiles (say 600mm square), they give you more than three times the grout to be kept clean. Three times the grout means three times the work.

2. Eliminate Dirt Traps

Don’t fit fussy decorative cornices to wall cabinets. Use an easy to clean smooth top in solid-surface material such as Corian.

3. Use Less Glass

Simplify glass cleaning with a simple walk-in shower or one of the new seal- and silicone-free shower enclosures. The fewer joints and glass surfaces you have, the less there is to keep clean. (Keeping a small squeegee handy helps too.)

Corner shower

4. Replace Skirting Boards

Change the skirting boards on painted walls to a skirting made from easy clean tiles.

5. Eliminate Matching Cabinet Plinths

Instead, specify a tiled or solid surface plinth that will shrug off knocks, scrapes and wet mops and stay as good as new with just a quick wipe.


6. Use Quality Materials

Don’t be tempted to save money by using cheap silicone and grout.

Specify a high-grade sanitary silicone sealant such as Dow Corning and a branded mould-resistant grout, such as Mapei or Bal.

Curved sink

7. Fit a Bath Deck to a Freestanding Bath

Don’t fit a freestanding bath so close to a wall that you need a stick to poke out all the fluff and toilet roll inners that accumulate. Instead, specify a solid surface ‘bath deck’ that solves the cleaning issue and provides a useful area for toiletries or candles.

8. Get Your Ventilation Right

Fit a powerful extractor above the shower and ensure it is properly ducted to the outside. High humidity makes cleaning a problem so leave your windows on ‘trickle vent’ and don’t close the shower doors after use.

9. Keep the Floor Clear

Installing a wall-hung WC will make sweeping or mopping the floor a breeze. Say goodbye to the grim task of cleaning behind the U-bend.

Free standing toilet

10. Fit a Smarter Toilet

Choose a smooth-sided WC pan with a fully-glazed rimless bowl and a push-button quick release seat and cover. All these innovations are designed to make cleaning easier.

If you would like an easy-clean bathroom designed for you, the first step is to contact us, visit the Ablutions Luxury Bathrooms Showroom or call us on 01530 814058.

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