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What is a Bidet Toilet and How Does it Work?

Toilets with a built-in bidet washing function have been used throughout the Far East and the Mediterranean for many years. Now, a simple solution for enhanced personal hygiene has been launched in the UK, and we have one on display in our refitted showroom.

Aquacare is a simple bidet addition that fits seamlessly to selected VitrA WCs.

Bidet Toilet

So, what is a bidet toilet?

A bidet toilet is simply a normal toilet that offers the washing facility of a bidet – here’s how it works:

After using the toilet the user can, without moving, clean up using a jet of warm water that performs a similar function to toilet paper. The bidet function is achieved with a single lever mixer tap that delivers water though an unobtrusive adjustable nozzle at the rear of the pan.

Why would anyone want a bidet toilet?

Times and attitudes toward personal hygiene are changing. While it might not be a topic that everyone is comfortable discussing, here are some of the benefits of using a bidet toilet:

  • They are space-saving – a bidet-toilet is ideal for small bathrooms as, unlike a bidet, a bidet toilet needs no extra space.
  • Cost-wise, a bidet-toilet works out at about the same price as a separate toilet and bidet.
  • Wet-wipes are not necessary if you have a bidet-toilet. Widespread use of bidet toilets would mean far fewer problems with wipes blocking drains and the disposal of non-recyclable waste.
  • For those who find that a bidet-toilet reduces the need for them to shower daily, there are big savings in energy costs and water usage.
  • As bidet-toilets do not have taps delivering water from the top, the patented directional spray from beneath makes them much easier to use than a conventional bidet.

Bidet toilets – one day all toilets will be made this way!

To see the new VitrA Aquacare bidet toilet, visit our showroom in Coalville.

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