Bespoke Shower Enclosure

Due to the dissatisfaction with standard glassware and screens, Ablutions decided to launch our own range of bespoke shower enclosures and glassware. Our range includes products such as infolding shower screens, which fold flat to the wall, to free up space for you to soak and relax. We also have 1500mm high shower enclosures, which means less glass to clean and a larger looking washroom!

The process of fitting shower glass to the rim of a shower tray and then needing to seal it with silicone to make it waterproof, seemed illogical to us. Therefore we opted to suspend our shower glass over the ‘dish’ of the tray to let the water drain naturally without the need for seals or sealants.

Bespoke glass shower

What do you get with an Ablutions bespoke shower enclosure?

Our ‘minimalist’ approach to the overall size and bulk of our glassware greatly enhances the perception of space and creates a truly luxury shower experience – especially when used in small bathroom remodels or en-suites.
Clever design has eliminated un-necessary components resulting in simplicity. This means our bespoke shower enclosures compare favourably against name brand competitors trying to do the same job.
Simplicity in the design of our glassware has largely eliminated the need for serviceable components, enhancing the life-span of our product range.
Easy to
live with
With fewer moving parts and a drastic reduction in the use of silicone sealant and ‘clip-on’ plastic seals, our bespoke shower enclosures are far easier to clean and maintain than more conventional enclosures.
Bespoke glassware corner shower

Specifications & features


We use 8mm glass that is fabricated to the individual design requirements for each luxury shower project. All glass is toughened to both protect it from impact and to ensure that in the unlikely event of breakage, relatively safe thumbnail sized ‘chunks’ are created and not dangerous shards.


Where our design relies on the close proximity of a hinged panel to a fixed panel, we can prevent glass-to-glass contact by fitting a self-adhesive buffer.

Glass Position

Our glassware is suspended over the ‘dish’ of the shower tray instead of it being sealed to the rim. This allows us to open up the room a little more, making it easier to clean, increased airflow, less chance of mould and blackened grout and finally opens up the room making it feel less crowded.


We use a custom hinge, which allows our bath screens to fold inwards, and allows them to be positioned so that when in use they are vertically over the bathing area, reducing the need for sealant or watertight seals between the bath and the glass.


This is an optional extra that we can provide and is a hydrophobic coating that once applied renders the surface of the glass, making it highly resistant to soap scum and limescale. When glass is left untreated water sticks to the surface and upon drying, will leave dirt, limescale, soap residue and other grime on the glass surface.