Creating space in a small bathroom

Sometimes, in a tiny bathroom, it is only ‘optical trickery’ that can save the day. In this case, we wanted a bath that was comfortably wide at the bum end but unusually narrow at the feet end – the idea being that the view would open up and reveal a greater width of floor at the end of the bathroom.

We enhanced the effect by making a two-tier bath panel that would further increase the perceived floor space, as the lower tier was set back and the overhang created was put to good use with LED strip lighting.

The overall effect, compared with using the bulbous plastic bath panel that came with the bath, was terrific. The WC was no longer blocked from view, and to create the illusion of even more space, we fitted a wall-hung model that exposed plenty of floor beneath it.

Another of our design ideas was to do with the window wall as it had a variety of granite projections (the house was over 200 years old) that were not visually of any use. We deliberately panelled them off so the window sill could be brought forward and extended out to accentuate the width of the room.