Ensuite with easy clean shower

Inspired by our easy clean system for showers that are almost totally free from plastic seals, tile grout and silicone sealant, our clients were eager to receive our proposals for their ensuite.

The room was not ideal for the large walk-in shower they were looking for. With the entrance door at one end, and french doors on to a balcony the other, it was a test of our design skills as the slope of the ceilings compromised both sides of the room.

To achieve a shower with as near ‘level entry’ as we could, we positioned the low profile tray at the end of the left-hand side of the room – the position being dictated by the only route possible for the waste. To maximise headroom, we spaced the tray off the wall to create more movement space by moving the centre of the tray as far as we could from the sloping ceiling.

We eliminated the awkward space created by fitting the tray away from the wall with low boxing, designed to act as a shelf or a seat, and above it a slimmer shelf for toiletries. Thus we had a tiered arrangement that, along with the vertical end wall and the sloping ceiling, we specified to cladding in bespoke toughened glass.

We planned then a low partition to contain the end of the shower area and start the basin area that was to extend to the end of the room and provide twin basins and with plenty of storage beneath for towels.

We thought the basin cabinets would look better not ‘in a line’ so we designed a ‘break-front’ arrangement with outer cabinets that were shallower than the centre cabinets. This provided a generous plinth overhang for the lighting and a deeper top that was generous enough to accommodate the required semi-inset basins.

The requirement for a useable mirror was more of a challenge as, while a vertical mirror would be OK for a dwarf, Snow White would have a real struggle. An ‘off-vertical’ angle for the mirror that was correct for our clients was agreed, and ultimately it worked out fine.

On the opposite side of the room, we planned for the required freestanding bath to be fitted with a useful ‘deck’ that would either provide somewhere for parking a G&T or at least make sure that there wasn’t a tight and unclean-able space being created by it being too close to the walls.

After the bath, there was plenty of room for the required WC & bidet.

The shower shelves, bath deck and basin top we specified to be made in Tristone solid surface material, along with the splashbacks and wipe areas – we then went on to simplify the mix of colour in the room by tiling the floor, plinths and the WC/bidet boxing in the same tile.

With the room comprising a mix of just three colours, glass, Tristone and tiles, the overall result was well received by our clients who looked forward to the long-term benefit of a room where the wet areas would never suffer from problems with discoloured tile grout.