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Six Bathroom Mirror Ideas to Reflect On

Bathroom mirrors have a lot of work to do. They are not just for staring into while putting on makeup or having a shave. In this guide, we take a look at some mirror ideas you might not have thought of.

1. Get the Lighting Right.

If you’re thinking of a mirror with integral LED front-lighting, then choose it with care. That blingy mirror you saw in the showroom might not have the same appeal when it comes to using it. It’s far more practical to have a soft light over the mirror illuminating your face, rather than razor sharp pinpoints of light emanating from the mirror itself.

Bathroom Mirror

2. Create a Statement.Bathroom Mirror

Think of a mirror more as a decorative feature rather than as a functional component. Pick one of the walls that won’t be getting wet and, instead of tiling it, hang a bold bathroom-quality wallpaper and fit a large mirror set off the wall, accentuated with LED backlighting. As well as creating a talking point, the mirror will help make your bathroom seem larger.

3. Fun With Slopes.

When the ceiling slopes down to the basin wall and leaves insufficient height for a mirror, one way around the problem is to have the mirror made on an angled frame. The mirror can be angled upwards or downwards to suit you.

4. Think Laterally.

If there isn’t anywhere to site your basin other than in the window, maybe a wall cabinet next to the window could come to your aid? The trick here is to have a mirror fitted to the inside of the cabinet door, so when the door is open, the mirror is conveniently over the basin.

Bathroom Mirror

5. Goodbye to Condensation.

Fit a demister pad to the back of a bathroom mirror and struggle with condensation no more – even in the shower itself, where many people are now choosing to shave.

6. Combine with Storage.Bathroom Mirror

Consider a super-slim mirror-fronted cabinet over your basin. Even if it’s 80mm deep, it will take dozens of bottles and jars and help keep your bathroom clutter-free.

We hope these bathroom mirror ideas have got you thinking about what’s possible in your bathroom.

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